Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi, Everyone

The Super Beauty-licious Digi Blog Candy is now officially open.

Remember to visit Elisabeth Bell's Gallery to view those super beauty-licious digi stamps. 

Yayyy ... There will be more happy card makers and scrapbookers this time next week I should imagine.  That is so exciting!!

So, have fun Everyone, love to hear your creative thoughts on the Candy Questionare: "What would you like to see from Australia's Elisabeth Bell stamp collections".

 Lots of Love,

Elphine House.

Oh Just a little reminder, the winners will be randomly selected from this "Blog Candy Officially Open" post, so if you've already placed your thoughts in the previous posts, and would like a chance to win four or eight of Elisabeth Bell's super beauty-licious digi stamps, you may like to re-enter them here... Yes, please, below this post.  Have Fun!


Ulli said...

Good morning,

it's very hard to come up with new ideas since Elisabeth has already made so many beautiful pictures. So my first idea for the stamp would be the lovely animals she sometimes put in the background shall now be the stars :-) E.g. a little koala goes fishing or a little giraffe plays ball with another animal.

Ulli said...

Second though from me is typical family scenes like father has his child on a shoulder, mother is carrying a pram or kid is feeding ducks together with his father (similar to the Baking with Nana stamp)- something like childhood memories.

Will think of more
So far kind regards

Danielle Daws said...

I'd love to see some Australian Christmas stamps - ones that don't show the 'typical' Australian depictions (like Santa with a beer!!). Something like Christmas at the beach - something Christmassy and sunny!!

alethea said...

Thought I was going to miss out on this blog candy cos I'm off on holidays!!! Anyway... I just love Elisabeth's designs adn to think what i would like to see her design for us.. well I am always stuck for blokey/male cards so anything that would fit in that category!!!!

Marcea said...

I would love some baby images .... always handy :o)
Just love all her designs. Thankyou for the chance to win xxx

Danielle Daws said...

A set of accessories that could easily be added to other images would be great too!

Like small animals, background scenes, sentiments...

Kathy said...

Everything she illustrates is just gorgeous!!! There isn't one I don't love!!
But I bet she would do a fabulous birthday set!!
What ever it is will be briliiant though!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Unknown said...

I think having her sweet characters with Australian wildlife (kangaroos, Koalas,etc) and even flowers from Australia would be wonderful. That would give this line of Elisabeth Bell creations a distinct look.

Best of luck!

Vana63 said...

Id luv to see Sentiments and Accessories in Elisabeths awesome style! Thanks for the chance to win incredible goodies too!

Tona said...

I would love to see animals and especially a full carousel horse. Also I think more teen and adult pictures, although I love anything that Elisabeth creates.

Crazy Creations said...

I would love the image she has drawin all ready the girl holding the pizza I love it .Hugs Sarah K

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Hiya! I love the idea of warm-weather Santa! Actually, I would love to see a teenage Rapunzel. Best of luck on this new adventure!


Kim said...

Oooo I would love to see any Elisabeth Bell images! I adore all of her work!!! I do think some teenage images would be awesome!!! Or even to see Elisabeth Bell "Twilight" characters would be awesome!!! :) Thanks so much for the chance to win such wonderful goodies! I am looking forward to the opening of your store and win you much success!!
Hugs~ Kim

Ulli said...

I would love to see some rock chick like holding a guitar with long straight hair or holding a microphone. Or some dancers - one e.g. with an 80's style (these big socks and leggings), another teenage dancer with a tutu, and third with typical samba dresses.

Kosemilla said...

Ooohh.... I love Elisabeth Bell's designs! I think everything she comes up with is both adorable and versatile, so I've been twisting my brain to think of something that she hasn't already covered.
The only thing that comes to mind right now is something with "traditional grandparents", like a grandfather whittling something for his grandson or a grandmother baking apple pie with her grandchildren helping/watching. I know my 93 year old grandmother would really appreciate a card with such an image! :-)

Thanks for the chance to win! I'm crossing my fingers and toes!

Best wishes,
Camilla, Norway.

Janelle said...

I'd love to see some images with just boys or Dad's (Grandfather's) and sons. She has some wonderful girl and women images, but fewer that I can use on masculine cards.

Ulli said...

I thought about new ideas: sports is a nice topic as well (girl playing tennis or bowling, girl going surfing or boy playing American football or soccer). You can have lots of accessoires to that as well.

Squibb Family said...

I love Elisabeth's work as well. I cherish the images that I already have. I have 4 boys, and even though I am drawn to the beautiful girly stamps, I would love to see even more hip boy stamps.

Cathy said...

I adore Elizabeth's work. Some more images for teenage boys would be useful.
Thanks for the chance to win some candy.
Cathy xx